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Big Tech needs help too

Modern technology companies are armed with some of the best data-collection-tools available. However, despite the amount of data capable of being gathered, Big Tech is still faced with limitations in perceiving public policy processes across many international jurisdictions. 

In the context of digital transformation, a clear understanding of the regulatory field has never been in higher demand. Thus, a local intelligence support team providing an up-to-date analysis is capable of filling any gaps in the information and metrics gathering process. 

In 2020, META team was entrusted as the local intelligence support team for one prestigious Big Tech company. Our tasks include:

  • Providing regular reports analysing legislative initiatives and relevant political news. 
  • Following the transposition of various EU Directives, informing the Client regarding updates in the legislative process. 
  • Preparing reports and briefings on various events and conferences. 
  • Collecting information on the political trends and priorities.

Besides these day-to-day tasks, META has helped the Client in fulfilling its socially responsible aspirations through their support of the non-profit sector – COVID-19 affected individuals and businesses achieving a quicker and more inclusive recovery. We have analysed the non-profit landscape and helped the Client to find innovative NGOs who demonstrate the potential of using digital, and innovative technologies for social benefit. 

META team continues being the Client’s eyes and ears on the ground; providing monitoring and intelligence gathering services on digital policy topics in Lithuania.

Meta team

Laurynas Gečas Project Coordinator

Anastazija Peciukonė Account Director

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