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META is an independent consulting company committed to the success of its clients. Our focus is always on our client, achieving client’s goals, supporting and protecting him.

Our mission is to grow our customers’ business. Our goal is to create success for our customers – to support the sales and growth expectations of businesses, to protect and develop the reputation and brand capital of companies, and to stand up for the legitimate interests and rights of businesses and organizations.

Every endeavor has a goal.
every activity has a message.
Every message has an impact.

Our service package is total communication – the ability to be everywhere without being annoying.

While working with the client, we provide insights on how state and business institutions, as well as independent players, think tanks, and NGOs navigate the political landscape. We build effective strategies and provide the best advice on how to represent your organisation, promote your cause, and defend your interest in all relevant public policy areas. We specialise in minimising the risks and providing ample opportunity in the legislative environment, as well as bringing your interests into alignment with the public and the Government.

To implement an idea you have to know which institutions, organisations, or other actors have the necessary competences and influence in reference to your issue. We help our clients to identify and contact the relevant parties, and determine their position with respect to the key topics. Developing a targeted stakeholder map, to establish communication with key political players and interested parties, is essential in public policy projects. Mapping power relationships to identify allies and adversaries, as well as building a coalition to strengthen a lobbying case, can make a substantial difference in how an organisation’s interests are made known and taken into account.

One of the secrets to successful lobbying is to be able to predict the government’s behaviour. In-depth monitoring of the legislative and media landscape is a time-consuming and time-sensitive process. By using proven methods, executed daily, we provide effective monitoring of all relevant policy areas, deliver up-to-date information on legislative developments, as well as analysis of risks & opportunities in the political landscape. Based on monitoring results, we offer targeted recommendations on how to proceed, while defending an organisation’s interests, and advising our clients on the policy makers’ plans in the fields relevant to their businesses.

The cornerstone elements are often left behind-the-scenes. Therefore, desk research, combined with expert interviews, provides an excellent foundation for lobbying on specific topics. It allows our clients to broaden their understanding of the situation and make evidence-based decisions. Political intelligence gathering is also key in providing the most relevant proposals on-time, and tracking their advancement throughout the legislative process.

We believe that transparent and successful businesses are the basis for every country’s economic growth. However, this is only possible when provided with appropriate business conditions and reasonable regulation. META offers lobbying services to clients whose activities are significantly influenced by the government’s decisions. We have over 10 years of experience successfully representing clients’ interests on all political levels and achieving the highest results in Lithuania. We take pride while representing our clients – building a strong case, justifying the client’s position in a reasoned manner, and bringing private interests in line with those of the public.

Far too often sudden initiatives taken by the authorities, or other interest groups, have led to unfavourable consequences to the business environment. META is aware of the importance of timing and precision, as well as the cost of mistakes when handling crises. We are ready to assist our clients in navigating these stormy waters. Both by preventing critical situations from the start, and strategically managing them before they get out of hand.

Apart from public affairs consultancy and lobbying services, META offers strategic communication and reputation management solutions for public and government relations. Your brand reflects what your organisation stands for. Reputation management is an integral part of public affairs as it helps to successfully defend your lobbying case. META, 100 percent follows the principle of safeguarding the clients’ reputation when advocating on their behalf. We also assist the clients in implementing social responsibility projects that help to build a positive brand image among the relevant stakeholders. 

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